The beginning

The master of the house, Martin Huber tells about his life and life's work:

History of the house

1945 - 1956 

As one of 6 children I grew up in the inn zum Jochberg, which was run by my parents.
At the age of 9 I learned to play the harmonica. It quickly developed into a great passion. You could say, the first great love of my life. At the age of 11 I was hired as a harmonica player for the Finkenberg band and the Schuhplattler.

1960 - 1969

Grown up in a restaurant business, it was only natural to learn a gastronomic profession as well. So I completed an apprenticeship as a chef at the Hotel Kramerwirt in Mayrhofen. I soon met my 2nd great love. Veronika Strasser, a daughter of the Strasser bakery in Zell am Ziller. You have probably already guessed it, our small, fine hotel is named after her.


I founded the Zillertal Duo together with Max Schneeberger. Together we traveled a lot and enchanted people with our singing, harmonica and harp. For 46 years! Music opened many doors for us. Even skiing legends Leonhard Stock and Toni Sailer appreciated our sounds that are connected to their homeland.

(Kopie 2)


our first son, Martin jun. was born.


the weddingbells rang.

In the same year I was the driving force behind the construction of the Penkentenne on the Penkenjoch, which is now lovingly run by my brother Hermann and his wife Petra.

There is a nice story about this: Since I was always on season as a cook in Kühtai in winter, I was able to experience the beginnings of Tyrolean winter tourism there, and recognized what was possible there.

The Finkenberger Almbahnen were in the planning stage and I made it clear to my father that we would have to look for a second mainstay because just a little summer tourism at the Gasthof Jochberg was not enough in the long run. So we went to Penkenjoch to look for a ground to buy. There was a little bench near where the Finkenberger Almbahn is today, and underneath I found a shilling. That was a sign, I thought, and that's exactly where we set up the Gasthof Penkentenne. I gave this Schilling to my brother Hermann in 2019 at the 50th anniversary of Penkentenne.


our second son Bernhard was born.

Between 1969 and 1984 my wife Veronika and I worked together in my parents' company during the summer. Me as a cook, Vroni as a waitress.


was the name of the new big project Vroni`s Skialm. Also on the Penkenjoch and the Bergchalet Penkenjoch, which we still rent out today. (Till0 2026)

We hosted Vroni's Skialm until it was replaced by the landowners in 2004.

Pic left: Penkentenne 2018 - Pic right: Vroni`s Skialm


our first daughter Kathrin was born. She is the only one of our children who inherited my musical streak and learned to play an instrument at a young age.


we were able to buy our dream property in Mayrhofen and the shell was already in place in 1983.


we moved in. At that time, Landhaus Veronika already consisted of its 10 apartments and a sauna.


Our 2nd daughter Sandra was born.

Pic left: from left to right: Bernhard mit Sandra, Kathrin, Martin jun.
Pic middle: 
from left to right: Kathrin, Bernhard, Sandra, Martin jun.
Pic right: 
from left to right: Martin, Sandra, Veronika

When my father died in 1989, our eldest son Martin and his wife Judith took over the Wirtshaus zum Jochberg.


the Landhaus Veronika was extended by a winter garden and the 3 suites Romantik, Ahorn and Zillertal has been enlarged.


our wellness area was expanded. This was followed by the indoor pool with countercurrent system and massage jets, as well as the steam sauna and a small Fitness room with everything that goes with it.

In the meantime, an infrared sauna and a hydro-jet massage bed are also available to our valued guests.


a new folk music group was formed. Together with Franz Huber and Andreas Kogler we are still very rhythmical today under the name Zillertal Schmiss.


To this day, my wife and I are extremely active and enthusiastic about sports. we play golf and are passionate hikers, cyclists and skiers.

In later years I completed my ski instructor training. Sometimes you meet me as a ski guide on the Zillertal slopes.

The work and the exchange with our guests still give me great pleasure. My heart opens. Is there anything better than living where other people go on vacation?

Nonetheless, we love to travel and discover the world.
I was particularly impressed by Mauritius, as well as South Africa.

Our first daughter Kathrin lives in the middle of the "wilderness" of the USA and also rents out there. That also has its charm, even if we sometimes miss her painfully. It has always been very important to us to give our children the possibility to live the life they want for themselves.

Bernhard, the second born, runs the Cafe Rundell in Hopfgarten.

Martin jun. works at the Zillertal Arena and our youngest Sandra lives in Innsbruck and works in the social sector.

We couldn't be more proud of all 4.

When I look back on our life's work, I would say: "We didn't do very much wrong."