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Veronika`s top 7 hut hikes around Mayrhofen

The Zillertal as one of the most diverse hiking destinations in Austria has a lot to offer. Rustic alpine huts, good-humored hut owners and not to forget the breathtaking mountain panorama. Veronika tells us about her 7 favorite huts.

1. Karl-von-Edel-Hütte (2238m)

The, we just call it Edelhütte, is an extremely popular destination. Hüttenwirt Sigi and his staff always ensure a good mood and that certain Zillertal charm. There are several ways to get to the hut. Probably the most popular approach begins at the Ahornbahn mountain station. From there you can walk to your destination in around 1 - 1.5 hours. A flat hiking trail above the Filzenalm leads you along the Filzenkogel to the top of the Bräualm. From there it gets a little steeper. The goal is already in sight. Of course, you can also start hiking from Mayrhofen (625m). Depending on your fitness, you will have to walk around 4 - 5 hours.

2. Maxhütte (1445m)

The Maxhütte in Ginzling is lovingly managed by Christa and Hannes at 1445 m above sea level. Various snacks, fresh buttermilk, a cake that has been baked with love and not to forget a schnapps await you there. The starting point for the hike to the Maxhütte is Ginzling. If you continue in the direction of Schlegeis, you will see a sign "Maxhütte" on the left. There you will usually see a few vehicles parked to the left and right of the street. With a little luck you will also find a suitable parking space.

3. Jausenstation Alpenrose - Fellenberg (1398m)

Anyone who loves schnitzel should definitely visit the Alpenrose on the Fellenberg. Hüttenwirt Walter has some of the best schnitzel in the valley. The hut in general impresses with its excellent cuisine and a great view of Mayrhofen. To get to the Alpenrose you can start in Mayrhofen (district Kumbichl) or at the mountain station of the Ahornbahn. Both times, path number 42 will lead you to your destination. Either top to bottom or bottom to top.

4. Klausenalm (1301m) 

A very short hike that is best combined with a visit to the Schlegeis dam is the hiking trail to the Klausenalm. The hosts Karl and Kathl always endeavor to ensure your well-being. Karl is also an excellent singer. (which our Vroni, well-known, has always appreciated) You want to get to know them both? Then drive along Schlegeisstraße to Breitlahner. From there you can easily reach the hut in just a 10-minute hike.

5. Greizerhütte (2227m)

Those who like more demanding tours cannot miss the Greizerhütte. Especially not when you are on the Berliner Höhenweg. Exactly there, in the upper Floitengrund, you can find it. Herbert Schneeberger has been running the refuge since 1991. It serves as a base for high-alpine tours, but is also recommended as a day trip. Drive your car to Ginzling to the Tristenbachalm, from there you can expect an ascent of about 3 - 3.5 hours.

6. Olpererhütte (2388m)

The hut with what is probably the most famous INSTAGRAM hotspot in the Zillertal. The Kebema panorama bridge. Do you belong to "Generation Y or Z"? Are you always looking for the best locations to take photos for your social media channels? Then the hike to the Olpererhütte is an absolute MUST. Of course, the path is also worthwhile for the "offline generation". The starting point is the Schlegeis dam along the Riepenbach, follow path no. 502 to the Olpererhütte. The ascent takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

7. Pfitscherjochhaus (2246m)

Do you like Italy? Well then up to the Pfitscherjochhaus! The hut, built by Alois Rainer in 1888, is located directly on the border between Italy and Austria. Even today, in the 5th generation and with interruptions during the war and post-war times, it is managed by the founding family. The hike also begins at the Schlegeis dam, directly at the parking lot by the lake, past impressive waterfalls, through the Zamsergrund up to the Pfitscherjochhaus. There you will receive Leopold, the great-great-great-grandson of the builder. He will supply you with food and drinks. Walking time: approx. 1.5 - 2 hours.

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