Wellness - PURE Relaxation

Look forward to relaxing holiday at the Apparthotel Veronika:

  • Indoor pool, Hydro-Jet massage bed pool as well as infrared cabine & tanning bed
  • Cedar wood sauna, a calidarium and large fitness area with weights

Indoor Pool

Enjoy the generous size of the indoor pool with 4 underwater massage jets and a counter current system for non-stop swimming.

Sauna area

Our dry sauna is made of cedar wood. This wood traditionally used in Austrian saunas and very well known for it´s anti-bacterial properties. This sauna us usually about 80° and 90° celsius.

The Calidarium has a high humidity of 95% and is about 45° warm, which is a very healthy environment for the respiratory system. It also helps cleanse the skin on a very deep level and helps release tension in the muscles. 

Infrared cabin

Physiotherm is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a unique system adapted perfectly to the needs of the human body: the combination of low temperature infrared technology and patented lava sand technology. This facilitates have a healthy perspiration, from 30 °C and up, that is easy on the circulatory system. The infrared heat penetrates into the lymph and blood circulation system of your body, helping detoxification, removal of heavy metals and supports weight loss. It also increases oxygen in your body and is known to be a great anti-cellulite treatment.

Potential benefits of regular treatments: strengthens the immune system, stimulates circulation and improves metabolism, loosens tension and soothes backache, intense perspiration helps detoxify and cleanse the body of wastes and supports weight-loss, has positive effects in the treatment of skin ailments.

!!! NEW !!! Hydrojet Massage System !!! NEW !!!

We are excited about our brand new Hydrojet. A water massage and warm therapy system used in the medical field to help relax and soothe stiff and sore muscles. The warmth stimulates the entire metabolism and releases stress, muscular tension and back pain. Water jets hit the underside of the natural rubber bed massaging your whole body from head to toes while you are fully clothed.

Tanning bed

The tanning bed is up to date with the latest health guidelines, so you can turn every day into a sunny day and replenish your system with Vitamin D. 


The fitness center is equipped with TechnoGym weights, treadmill, stationary bike and a powerplate. You can watch TV while working out and there is a stereo for your personal tunes.